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Dyslexia Therapy with NON-dyslexic kids? YES INDEED! Part 4: Brain Games for the win!

     Part 4 in "Dyslexia Therapy with NON-Dyslexic Kids".  And, YES, you have read that title correctly!  This mini-series is all about using dyslexia therapy with kids who DO NOT have dyslexia!  In this post we will finish A10's story and talk about his brothers too.

A10's library book pics to use with
his homeschool journal
     A10 was cruising along with all the Thinking Tree Journal Love , he finished 3rd Grade Queens book, he was taking more interest in writing, and he was enjoying his reading.  All of this was sooo positive!  But, he still needed more help.

     I ordered Dyslexia Games series A/B/C and they arrived in December.  I bought all thee series as I really didn't know where A10 was going to place until I saw them.  I felt like I needed to see all of them in order to figure it out.  Besides, with so many kids, I knew they would all get used!

     There are 6 therapy books in Series A and 8 each in Series B and C.  The books are numbered and you do them in order.  The student works on them for 15-20 minutes per day.  Series A is roughly for children 5-8 years, B is for 8-12, and C is for 10-adult.  These books work on things such as:

  • Basic reading skills
  • Reading cinfusion

  • Handwriting
  • Letter and number reversals
  • Comprehension
  • Weak concept of direction
  • Concentration problems
  • Spelling
  • Weak concept of Right/Left
  • Memorization problems
  • Slow reading/oral reading
  • And more!

     As it was, A10 was ready for series B!  We started in January with this replacing all language arts stuff (other than his other Thinking Tree Journals).  It was great having the whole set here because I could see how things built upon each other.  They use art in order to teach skills.  By using art and logic, you teach the right side of the brain to process and thus train the left side to kick in.  
     A10 thought it was easy and fun.  He stated that "It's not like school work at all".  He looked forward to working in his "Brain Games" (as we call it) everyday.  He took a lot of pride in the work he did and usually asked to "do one more page".

     What I began to see was A paying closer attention to detail.  Noticing the little things.  Recognizing the patterns.  Working on his hand writing.  I saw all these things and he never realized he was doing it!

     By February, A10 was reading good enough to participate, with general ease, in our family read-out-loud times.  He was devouring books!  His favorites being the Illustrated classic novels, namely, "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" and "Moby Dick".  He was able to do all his own reading and writing in his other school areas.  A10 passed put of Reading Eggs and was blowing through Reading Express! If this wasn't progress, real, undeniable progress, then I don;t know what is!
     A10 is now almost done with the second book in series B.  He has slowed down a bit, but that's okay, we are going at his pace.  He is enjoying his schoolwork and he continues to improve every day.
     He's writing more.  He's reading more.  He's desiring to DO in these areas.  He has more confidence and  see's his own achievements.  He is growing.

     Looking forward:

     As we continue in our journey with him I know we will continue to see him flourish.  I am sooooooo THANKFUL that we found The Thinking Tree/Dyslexia Games!
     My plan with A10 (and his younger brothers) is to primarily use Dyslexia Games as their primary LA curriculum at least through the completion of Series B.  I then plan to add the grade level QUEENS LA book in addition to continuing through Dyslexia Games (DG) Series C.
     At some point, I will probably add in QUEENS handwriting (cursive) as well.  DG series C does touch on that but I think they may need more and QUEENS is so gentle and includes art study at the same time so why not.  I have debated on doing that with A this next year.... I probably will.
     We continue to use reading eggs as well as some other online programs.  I think the more A10 practices his skills the better.
     Another thing I now do is choose curriculum that I believe will work well with our fun-schooling for all other subjects.  Queens, for sure, fits in and often A10 gets books to read based off of his science studies from QUEENS.
     We used Brimwood Press this past year for History and that was great but it's a one-off.  I am not quite sure how I want to do the history this year.  Go back to Mystery of History and spin it to work with our journals, create something on my own, find something that works better with our journals???  I am not sure.

     And with the kids under A10.  Well this is it!  ALL THINGS THINKING TREE!!!  I see no reason to push beyond that until we hit higher grades.  I really like that 4th/5thish grade level for the formal history (5th on up is really great).  We do QUEENS for science because QUEENS is awesome.  And other than that.... Happy homeschool journal it is!!

In Conclusion:

     Because this is "Brain Training", it is totally applicable to anyone.  Regardless of if you have "a thing" like dyslexia or "brain gaps", or learning delays or whatever.  I think that is partly why they are sprinkled throughout the regular journals as well.
     I also believe that this is such a GREAT program to add to anyone's LA stuff, especially the little/new learners!  What a fun and easy way to get their brains ticking and learning!  Due to the nature of the program, you are learning so much else at the same time.  It's not just about letters and numbers!  You are teaching their brains to pay attention and look for learning everywhere.  I love that!
     I can't wait to see how DG continues to impact A10 and his younger brothers.  So far, it's all been good!  I hope, too, that A10's story will possibly help other Mom's with kids who struggle like A.  I hope his story can help other families not fumble as we did, save you from all the tears, and instead encourage you with tools (DG) that really work!  
~Minda and A10

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