Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My dining room

     Let's talk about the dining room.  I used to have a LARGE dining room table.  It worked well when every behind was no bigger than 10 inches.   Eventually I came to the point where either I would need to construct a bigger dining room for an even LARGER table  OR I needed a different way to seat people.  
Thus "Cafe Style"!

*It's fun!
*I can configure it a bunch of different ways.
*Easily can be re constructed to fit in even more people.
*Works well with homeschooling, since it is so versatile.
*Easy to clean.
*Cubbys under bench act as extra storage.
*I still have room to add one more small table
*I can even move them to outside or another room if I wanted.

The first pic is from my living room and the second  is standing in my Kitchen and looking into my dining room.  I do have chairs for that table but my kids were using them for a fort =)

Where did I get these items?

Why from IKEA of course!
I looked online and it looks like IKEA now has a slightly different style but found this same one HERE.

The RECTANGLE TABLE came WITH FOUR CHAIRS for $100.  I bought 2 of them.

The SQUARE TABLES are MELLTORP TABLES .  No chairs included. for $40 each.

For the BENCH in the back, I bought 1 Kallax Shelf for $60 (used to be called expedit) and ONE 2 SQUARE ONLY shelf thing but I can not find it on their catalog or anywhere online.  They have them though and I want to say it cost be around $40 for it.

SET UP:  I laid the shelves down to make one LONG BENCH, then set the tables up, then dispersed the chairs. EASY PEASY!

And here are some happy pictures of my kids at said tables =)
Re-configured to put the Tree in there
(living room was too small)