Friday, December 18, 2015

EBOOK: "Homespun Holidays: Fall and Winter" Review

     With Fall and Winter holidays here and ideas waning for creative ways to keep the Natives from getting restless, I was excited to be able to use and review the ebook "Homespun Holidays: Fall and Winter" from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.
     This book has over 80 pages full of recipes, craft ideas, creative writings and family fun to help ease you into the holidays and keep your family connecting throughout the busyness.

Gingerbread Pancakes!
This creative E-Book is sure to inspire you from cover to cover, with the click of your mouse.  It has:
  •  Tradition building activities to connect you to each other and the Lord throughout the holidays.  
  • Decorating tips, tricks and ideas.
  • Party and Event hosting.
  • Book reviews and Holiday writings
  • Crafts, gifts and ornaments!
  • Jesse Tree instructions

     One of the things I like the most is that everything is "normal stuff".  Does that make sense?  I do not need to go find some weird food ingredient I have never heard of, or buy art supplies that cost me a fortune.  Everything is normal, comfortable, frugal and fun!  I LOVED that as I flipped through it I saw many things that older kids could do with younger kids too!  Not everything is "Mom needed" and that gives the older kids something to "take ownership of" and do with younger siblings!  Perfect!

Here are some of the things we really liked (but there is wayyyyyy more stuff than what is listed).  Some we tried this year, some are being pegged for next year.

Caramel Popcorn!
Fun things to eat:

  • Texas Tortilla Soup
  • Autumn Soup
  • Brown sugar Squares
  • Ginnys's apple-pear-raisin pie
  • Gingerbread pancakes
  • Caramel Corn
  • Celebration English Toffee
  • Chocolate Chip cookie dough dip
*Bonus!  Recipes are printable!

Fun things to make:
  • Scarecrow Welcome Sign
  • I'm Thankful for YOU: treat bag
  • Painted Windows
  • Trashbag Wreath
  • Handmade Nativity
  • Jesse Tree
  • Holiday Pinatas
    "Trash Bag Wreath"

Fun things to read and/or do:

  • Thankful Bulletin Board
  • Thanksgiving ABC's
  • List of "Fun Thanksgiving Books"
  • The 8,000 Calorie Poem
  • Christmas Reason
  • T'was the night before open house (doing a holiday party)
  • The Shepherds Supper

    • making our trash bag wreath
           I love that there is a wide variety of things in one spot!  As the holiday "doll-drums" set in, I can pursue this book, find something fun to do/make/bake and become the hero of the afternoon!  
           My kids enjoyed it too!  The caramel corn was super yummy; we added that to our "tree decorating night" tradition.  
           My older girls have been busy baking and trying different recipes and we all have been participating in the sweet and savory rewards of their efforts.  
           My little guys especially liked the "Trash Bag Wreath"... so did my olders.  They did most of the work.  It was fun listening to them cut, tie and talk about the funny Christmas movies we've been watching! 
           NOTE:  On the Wreaths: We totally just used "walmart bags" and it turned out great!
      Wreath Queen

           We found this little gem of a book a little late for thanksgiving but have our list ready for the next Holiday Season!  I personally am really looking forward to the "I'm Thankful for you: treat bag".  I love when there are things we find to help us foster gratitude in our children and encourage their little hearts.  This will be PERFECT to do just that!  

           This book would go well with anyone wanting to take a break from normal school stuff but not totally ditch school altogether.  The book list and craft ideas are perfect for tying the holidays into learning in a low key way!
           If you do not have time to pinterest and would like a "Holiday go-to" then I think you would enjoy this book.  There is just enough in it that you have variety but not so much that you are overwhelmed and overloaded.

      I reviewed this product for the "Old School House Magazine: Review Crew".  Find other fun things in The School House Shop!