Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Now, lets be thankful....

I am thankful for...

  1. The child whose 20 min science application that turned into a 3 day parasite research project.  Complete with a "My parasite book", which includes what they are, what they do to you and how to identify and treat them.  Gross.
  2. The library book that needed to go back to the library and didn't make it to the van (though it made it to the living room, the front door and the front porch but not in the van) for 5 days!  This made me have to go to the library again and thus I got my book I was waiting for.
  3. Tri-fold brochures.  Thank you history lesson for having them so their application in said brochure.  That was weeks ago.  I have tri-fold brochures all over my house about random things... like mold.... and I am sure soon, parasites.
  4. For the child who decided it was a good idea to jump through ones room inside his pillow case during reading time.  And for the children who decided they should follow.  They all went to bed early.  Quite night.
  5. Bulk buys on magic erasers.  They get out everything! Paint, perm marker, crayon, my "24 hour lip stain" that was used to paint the dash board of my van pink.
  6. Pigtails and rag curlers. You sweet girls growing up too quickly never look a day over 5 like that!
  7. Lisps and stutters. Afterall "if you are go-ingth to learn about parathites and grosth thsings like that" then you might as well do it with a lisp. A-a-a-a-a-a-and if you-you-you-you are going to re-re-re-respond then do it with a stutter.   This makes it even better for mama to understand what you people are talking about =)
  8. Blankets that don't kill you while you sleep.  Because somehow, some of these children seem to get so wrapped in their blankets that they become their blankets and you can't even tell there is a child on the bed.  The blanket is not breathing, the child must not be either but alas, they are alive!
  9. Trees.  Trees give me paper.  Paper keeps the kids busy.  Not quiet, but busy.
  10. CoreyTown.  You are a plague of my own making, you are also one of the funniest things.  I just wanted the kids to have fun with make believe.  I never thought they all would take it so far!  Its like a real society!

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