Wednesday, November 5, 2014

check out "10 things you should know about homeschool moms!" from WUS

So I have the privilege of actually knowing Kris from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers  she posted her "10 things you should know..." today and I LOVED it!    Click here to READ IN FULL

Here is my favorite out of the 10...

7. Sometimes we lie awake at night worrying that we’re ruining our kids.
"Sometimes fear and doubt strike. It’s usually late at night, when the house is quiet and we’re lying awake unable to sleep. Maybe those things you said to us on our blogs or in the checkout line at Wal-mart start buzzing in our heads.
Maybe it’s our own sense of inadequacy or the magnitude of the fact that our kids’ education rests squarely on our shoulders. Maybe it’s the thought that our kids might decide to blame everything that ever goes wrong in their lives on the fact that they were homeschooled.
Maybe it’s just indigestion. Whatever it is, there are those nights when we toss and turn, worrying that maybe all our doubts and fears will come true.
Most times, though, we wake up in the morning and realize that there will be inadequacies no matter how our kids are educated and that we really are doing okay.  And sometimes, we realize that there may be areas of weakness that we need to shore up in our kids or areas in which we, the parents, need to be more intentional, and we take steps to make that happen.
And we remember the things for which we blame our parents and realize that some of that is just human nature and has little to do with educational choices."

     I especially like the line she has Highlighted.  With three kids in the public school system I have see EXACTLY how in adequate that education is and (after I got over being appalled) I realized that I needed to lighten up on myself.  There really are inadequacies no matter what and I needed to stop beating myself up at night thinking I was failing my children based upon my own comparison to public education.

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