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LearnBop: Online math for the 3rd-12th grade!!!

          Online math curriculum is a space we know VERY WELL, in fact, I prefer computer based math programs to anything else. Thanks to the Schoolhouse Review Crew we received LearnBop for Families from LearnBop, which is a 12 month Family Plan subscription for up to four students.
     LearnBop offers interactive math tutoring for grades 3-12.  Each student has their own account and it's pretty easy to navigate. You can choose either a grade level or a specific math concept for your child to work through.  If you are not just learning concepts as a "one off", then the program will move you through the grade level progressively as you master concepts.
Key Components of LearnBop:
  • Adaptive Road Maps
  • Step by Step Learning
  • 11,000 Lessons
  • Growth Mindset
  • Real Time Insights
  • Fun Motivational Grades
  • Self Grading
  • Concept Trackers

Who used it in my house:
     I actually was able to finagle 5 of my kids to use this program instead of 4.  The "Parent" also has their own account and so I had my oldest using that one as I was not going to,  so here's the line up!
  • F16g Algebra 1 math
  • M13g 8th grade math
  • C12b 8th grade math
  • CH11g 7th grade math
  • A10b 7th grade math
     The four younger kids got their own accounts and passwords.   Because F16g used my account she just logged in with my account information.

     It was easy for all of them to navigate the program, as you can see from the picture.  They just needed to start at the beginning with whatever was on top.  There is always a video for the lesson and then the problems follow.

     ON the Parents side, you can see where your student is at.  Your students are listed to the left and you need only to click on their name and their learning info will pop up.  (The picture below is a clip but I purposely did not include the part that listed personal information).  F16g used my log in info and I could see her work by choosing my own Dash Board.
     The parent and student Dash Boards look a little different but all-in-all they have the same info.  It's pretty self explanatory and easy to understand.

PARENTS VIEW OF Clip of  A10's Dash Board.  This was near the beginning of him using it.

 What the kids thought:
F16g:   "I felt like that for older kids the format was more "kidish".  It wasn't a bad thing and for younger students it would be a real positive thing.  There are bigger fonts, brighter colors, and a more "kid-friendly" feel.  But that also made it feel "younger".  I felt like other online programs I have used were a little more simple- but I think that is because of the ability to progress through some concepts while working on others.  As far as the learning aspect goes,  I felt like I understood what they were trying to tell me but things could have been broken down a little more before they gave you the problems to work on.  Their explanations were great but they have too much information in one learning video and then when it was time to do the problems, I didn't remember all the different steps for all the different ways to do things (this was with statistics).  Other than that it was very good."
M13G:   "LearnBop is like a tutor and the instructions are simple but thorough.  I like how it takes you step-by-step through everything.  I thought it made math a little more enjoyable with the way it was set up.  It is a very encouraging math program.  They have achievement awards and effort awards you get for doing the math and I liked that.  I do wish that the problems where read to you."
C12b:  "I like it in the way that it is easy to work with.  I did think the instructional video's seemed more for really little kids.  I thought for it being 8th grade math it would have seemed a little more... mature.  The instruction though is very well explained and the program is easy to work with.  My favorite part of it is that if you get something wrong, it takes you step-by-step through the problem to see just where things went wrong."
CH11g:  "I think it's a good site and it does teach you your skills in a good way.  I like that after every skill it shows you your progress and where you are heading.  Sometimes it was hard knowing exactly what they wanted from you and you had to get a problem or two wrong in order to see how they wanted you to actually put the answers in.  In some concepts I was a lot further ahead but it keeps you in your grade level and doesn't know which concepts you are better in.  You have to complete those whole sections even if you get them all correct."
A10b:    "I really liked it.  I wished that the problems were spoken to you though.  It would have really helped.  I really liked it though, because the process of helping you when you get a problem wrong is easy to understand.  I also like how I know where I am at with math because of the percents.  I can see how much I have gained.  I think it was good encouragement too because even if I got something wrong, I still earned a badge for trying hard.  I like getting the badges.  The only thing that is frustrating is not having the probelms read to me.  Sometimes, I get overwhelmed with reading and it's easier if I can read along with someone or a program."
What I thought:
     It is very similar to another online program we use so this was an easy "pick-up and go" program for us.  I was VERY HAPPY with the way the program works and what my kids' reaction to it is.  I only had 2 minor problems with it: 1)was that there was no audio for the math problems.  I think this is something they could add to make the program run even better!  I often had to read things out loud for my Dyslexic Spectrum kids because that is an element they need.  The 2) thing is that I wish the program had the ability to  move kids ahead in areas they were advanced in while they worked on areas they were not.  I know this can be done because we use a program that does this.
     In my home we use two different computer based programs and the kids that do well with one do not do well with the other and vice versa.  What was interesting is that LearnBop is kind of a mash up of the two and the blend was quite nice!  I would say this program is nearly perfect!  The only thing that would have made it better would have been the addition of audio on the problems.


There are two different plans available for homeschoolers:
Single Student Plan
    LearnBop for Families Review
  • Subscription (month to month) $14.95
  • Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $149.95
Family Plan—Up to 4 Students
  • Subscription (month to month) $19.95
  • Prepaid (12 months prepaid) $199.95

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  1. what a nicely written review, really enjoyed how your children had solid statements to make. I'm trying to teach my boy how to do that but haven't quite figured that out yet.