Thursday, March 17, 2016

Reminders for me when life is busy

     So, I have been really busy lately.  Aside from the blog... and 10 homeschooling children, I also co-run a homeschool enrichment group and a youth Cotillion group.  I also have 12 acres of land that I can not ignore. Besides, it's like field trip season around here too! Come March of every year, things just collide!

My youngest girlie and I at a recent field trip
     The end of the year push, both programs are up and running after winter break (one starts in Feb and the other in March), and the garden needs to be planted, yardwork done and the blog written.  There are some days when I feel bad because my energy is being so spread out that I do not feel like everything is getting my all.  It's not really a bad thing, more of a priority thing and some things are down on the list (those are the ones I feel bad about).  So here are a few things I have found myself doing or saying in order to not stress out about it and just move through the season with a good attitude and right spirit.

  1. Pray More.  Or in general, find more time to keep bringing it back to Jesus.  I find that when I am the most overwhelmed are the moments I need to remember that the focus is "For God's Glory, our good, and not my gain".  So I pray more, seek Him more, and focus in on Him.
  2. I am not super women.  WHAT?  It really is okay that I can't do it all.  In fact, if I could that would be scary and anti Jesus.  So, I accept that I am , in fact, only human.
  3. The people I run all these programs for.  And oh, how I love them!
    The kids and the programs ;)
  4. Drinking more that one cup of lavender milk tea may be necessary for the day.  Ahhhh, lavender milk tea, how I love you!
  5. Keep some time easy, don't "go,go,go" every minute.  For me this is my weekends.  When hubby is home I do very little that is connected with my normal week.  I see that stuff as "work" and I need to leave work at work.  Weekends are holy.  I found myself this last weekend thinking of all the very import things I could be doing.  The Lord gently reminded me though that scrabble games, coloring with kids, napping in the afternoon with my hubby and family movie night were all VERY IMPORTANT things too. 
  6.  I let some stuff go.  That could be in any of my areas of "things I do".  And usually the letting go is a combination.  To find more time in my day for one thing I may have to shave off some stuff from another thing.  In the end the biggest issue is letting MY FEELINGS GO (let it go, let it go- I'll stop now) on how I may look at that juggling and shaving as a bad thing.  It's a good thing.  No harm, No foul.  It's all good.
Me and my tea as I write THIS POST!
     That's it.  Nothing major.  So in short it is:
  1. It's all about Jesus.
  2. I am not super women.
  3. Drink tea.
  4. Rest.
  5. Let it go.
     Perhaps you are in a similar place in your life?  Perhaps life has got you moving in multiple directions and stretching you a little thin?  Perhaps you are just overwhelmed with normal?  Truth is, we ALL go through those seasons.  What do you need to do in order to make it through and then gear back up?  Maybe you too need some more Jesus and Lavender milk tea ;) Hahahaha!  Seriously though, what does your list look like and how are you moving through this season?  Remember friend, it's all for God's Glory, our good, and not our gain.  

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