Wednesday, March 23, 2016

5 Things I do Everyday that I like to do for me.

     Here are 5 things that make each of my days just that much better!  These are some of the little things that make me feel put together and ready for the day.  Some of them are for me alone and some involve others.  Hope you enjoy!

Me and my FAVE coffee cozy =)
    5 Things That I do Everyday

  1.   Get'n me some Jesus time!  My mornings always start with connecting with my Savior.  It's not very fancy looking.  I read my bible, talk to God a bit and maybe journal something (this is rare for me in the morning though).  My house is quiet and the day is new.  It's the perfect time for me to read my bible!
  2. Lavender Tea.  I bet none of you thought I would say that ;) hahaha!  I do really love my tea.  I drink it after bible reading, though, when I am doing all my "morning chores".  Those would all involve me being on the inter-tube.  I check e-mail, write my blogs, do work on the programs I run.  It's all very busy, very lame, and very important and my tea makes it that much calmer and happier.
  3. I wish my swim suit had more pink
    and orange in it BUT I still love it!
    Ugly Dolphin is the best!
  4. I workout.  Now, this has been an on again/off again thing in my life.  It really needs to just stay on.  I feel so much better when I am consistent!  I feel like so much of my day is sitting so getting up and moving is a must!  I do a 25 min workout video 5-6 days a week.  Like, come on, it's only 25 min!  I also try to get in a 60 min walk/run/swim.  If it's the walking/running.  I normally do that when my kids are eating lunch.  If it's the swim then it's later in the afternoon when I have to run to town.  I try and at least get in a walk everyday.  
  5. Kid's go to bed.  When my kids were little I started the "7 p.m. or die" bedtime rule.  As they have gotten older, it was 7 to bed and read until 7:30, and now if you are over 13 then you get to hangout and do quiet stuff in the main part of the house from 7-8.  Yes, that means my 16 year old is going to bed at 8.  That leaves about 90 minutes for hubby and I to spend some time together.  I feel like this rule is reasonable. Plus, I am done with the little people, still, by 7 AND hubby and I need time too.  It's a win win.  We do have some nights, of course, where we do family movie or games or whatever.  But this is the general rule of thumb!
    Yup.... sums it all up.
  6. Family meeting in the morning.  This has been a HUGE help for me and the kids.  I HATE answering the same questions 10 times in a row.  It's annoying and time consuming.  So, after breakfast and morning chores are done, all the kids gather into the living room.  Once everyone is assembled (kids read until everyone is there) our meeting begins.  We go over the schedule for the day, what needs to get accomplished, new news/information, mom rants (you know they need to happen sometime), take prayer request, pray and then start our day.  Our meetings are usually about 20 minutes long.
     Okay!  So those are my 5 things that I do, what are some of yours?

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