Monday, January 4, 2016

SPELLING TIME JOURNAL from The Thinking Tree!

     I wanted to do a little spotlight on the Spelling Time Journal from Sarah Brown.  It's a "sister" product to her Do It Yourself Homeschool Journals.  This fun spelling book will help your kids master the top 150 misspelled words while enjoying it!

     The book presents the words in a fun, creative process:
1) color
2)find the missing
3)add the missing
4) read and write (in various orders).

  The whole concept behind it is that you will activate the creative, imaginative side of the brain to help your brain connect the letters into words in a fun way that will "stick".
      I have asked my kids if it helps and one of my daughters told me that she "often see's the different colors she used on a word" as she uses them in other places.  This HELPS her REMEBER how things are spelled!
     Many of the pages of small "logic" games at the top of the page to get your brain activated and to help with retention, letter formation and focus.
     Another great thing is that your child will no be bogged down by writing words over, and over, and over again! Instead they get to "play around" with the words through the creative way inwhich this spelling book works.

     I am using this book with most of my older kids; 4 of them ages 11-14 1/2.  My 4 younger boys are using the younger kids spelling book.  (I will blog about that later).  My 16 year old doing college work.
     I felt like my older kids could use the review and my middle kids definitely needed it! I thought they all would enjoy a different pace with spelling.  They can not believe how "low key", "non-stress-full" and "easy" it is.
     It is wonderful hearing no murmurings or complaining when it comes to spelling.  No one tries to avoid it .  It's a gentle process and it is working!


  1. LOVE this!!!!! We will be getting these very soon - I can't wait!

  2. Can't wait to get several copies of this books for my kiddos! Great review!!!

    1. thank you! Excited for you to get some- your kids will love it!

  3. So many books to LOVE :) My list keeps growing

  4. This looks amazing. My struggling speller could use this for sure.

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  6. I had this book on wishlist... thinking about it for my oldest son who struggles with spelling.... after reading this? It's in my cart! Thanks for the sneak peak inside!!

    1. The reading journals are great! It was a huge encouragement to my struggling reading A10. He loves recording his books in it. Do you have a regular homeschool journal yet? I would actually do that first and then get the spelling book. The regular journals encourage so much self learning and I know A10 said it helped him with his reading and writing through that.