Sunday, August 21, 2016

Flip Stir puzzle (A Review from me to YOU)

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

 A puzzle in a bottle????  Why, YES, YES IT IS!!!!  We received a Solar System FlipStir puzzlefrom Enlivenze LLC to review. This self-contained puzzle comes in a plastic canistercontainer that has an internal “arm” to mix around, and place, the puzzle pieces.
FlipStir Puzzles ReviewsThey have several different levels of difficulty and different designs to choose from, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Periodic Table, Statue of Liberty, and Rainbow Pencils.  I chose the Solar System puzzle, which is a level 2 (which makes it a little more effort to complete).  I figured this would be a great starting point for the majority of my kids.

My kids were instantly super excited about the FlipStir Puzzle.  It came in great packaging and has the picture of the finished project on it for those that need the visual help.
First impressions were fantastic!  The puzzle is contained so there is no way we will loose the pieces, the plastic is solid and of good quality.  The puzzle picture has super bright colors, is a great print job and looks like it will last forever.  The “arm” is secure and doesn’t seem like it would be easily broken.

The kids all enjoyed figuring out the puzzle.  I did have quite a few that were “one and done”.  I have other kids that keep going back to it and trying it over and over again.  Once you have solved the puzzle, you use the “arm” to stir the whole thing up again.  They loved this part; wanting to make sure it was good and mixed for the next person.
It worked well taking it with us in the car, kids playing on a rainy day, and I image it would be great for long trips.  One thing my kids did with it that they enjoyed was “racing” each other to see who could solve it the fastest.  They took turns and kept time scores.  Even my Husband found it and couldn’t put it down until he solved it.
It’s a fun and creative spin on regular puzzles.  We enjoyed it greatly! To read more about what others had to say about their puzzles, click on the banner below to read more from The Crew.

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews
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