Saturday, July 18, 2015

Tooth Brushes to the tenth power!

     Often I am asked about very practical large family things.  Tooth brushes is one of them.  The system I have has been in place now for 4 years and works AWESOME!!!  It was time to replace tooth brushes so I thought I'd replace the cases too and blog it.  Here we go!!

Tooth brushes
plastic travel cases
baskety thing
*I got all my stuff from the $Tree so total cost was $11 dollars.

Write the names or initials on each end of each case.

I buy tooth brushes in enough assorted colors that each person has their own.  Usually they do end up with a "preferred" color but sometimes they need to be flexible.  No one ever has "issues" over this.  After all, it's just toothbrushes.
After all the sorting, match them up!
*I have in the past also labeled the tooth brushes as well but I do not need to do that now.
**The travel cases have little "air holes" so they do not get moldy or nasty.

VOILA!!  They are done!  Slip this in the drawer, or cupboard that you store the tooth brushes in.  It's nice, neat, organized and user friendly =)

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